Straightforward integration with a small footprint

Designed to drop into any satellite

The GalacticSky box is designed and developed for interfacing directly with your satellites hardware, whether it be imaging sensors or communications. In addition, flight control operations also plug into and interface with the GalacticSky OS.

GalacticSky Hardware Configurations

Model GS1 GS2 GS3 GS4 GS5
Processor Intel Atom E3827 SoC 1.75Ghz, 4 core (PCIe/104) Intel Atom E3845 SoC 1.91Ghz, 4 core (PCIe/104) Intel i7 4th Gen BGA1364 2.4Ghz, 4 core (PCIe/104) Intel i7 4th Gen BGA1364 2.7Ghz, 4 core (PCIe/104) Intel i7 6th Gen / Xeon Q170, 4 core
Memory 8GB 32GB
Interfaces 2x 1Gbps LAN, 2x RS232, 8x USB, 1x PCIe Mini, 4x SATA w/RAID 2x 1Gbps LAN, 2x RS232, 11x USB (6x USB2.0, 5x USB3.0), 1x PCIe Mini, 4x SATA w/RAID
Hypervisor GalacticSky with Citrix Hypervisor®
Guest OS
Win 7-10, Server 2008-2016, CentOS 5-7, RHEL 5-7, Debian 6-9, Ubuntu 12-18
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# of VMs 1-4 1-8 1-8 1-8 1-16
Storage Ruggedized Milspec SSD 250GB-4TB
GPU Optional GPU available
Watts 8-12w 10-15w 37w-45w 45w-60w 45-80w
Input Power 12VCD 3.3V, 5V, 5VS
Temp -40 ~ +85C

GalacticSky together with Citrix®

Citrix Hypervisor is a leading virtualization management platform optimized for application, desktop and server virtualization infrastructures.

GalacticSky Issued Patents

US Patent Numbers:

  • 9,641,238
  • 9,876,563
  • 10,084,534
  • 9,722,692
  • 9,991,951
  • 9,740,465
  • 9,875,091
  • 9,998,207
  • 10,225,001
  • 9,960,837
  • 10,069,935
  • 9,819,742
  • 10,250,319
  • Patents Pending

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